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PostSubject: Ranks   Ranks Icon_minitimeThu Mar 08, 2007 3:45 am

Rank 1) Funeral Director = Guild Master:
Funeral Director is the top rank in the guild.

Rank 2) Co-Director = Same control as guild master:
This rank was created because there are actually 3 leaders/founders of Left For Dead and just one "IN GAME" rank spot for them.
The people with this rank are to be shown the same level of respect as the Funeral Director.

Rank 3) Undertaker = Guild Officer:
Guild officers can talk in guildchat, officer's chat, recruit new members and demote members for rule infractions.

Rank 4) Paulbearer = 3rd in command (lower ranked officer than an Undertaker:
This rank can speak in guildchat, and recruit members.

Rank 5) Coroner = 4th in command:
This rank can add new menbers, and speak in guildchat. Though it has the same permissions as a Paulbearer it is on rank below it.

Rank 6) Wormfood:
This rank can speak in guildchat.

Rank 7) Purgatory:
Same permissions as Wormfood rank but one rank below it. This is a probationary rank.

Rank 8 ) Alt Toons:
This is just a rank for alts of players of all ranks and levels.

Rank 9) On notice:
This rank is for people who are not active in the last month, The next step comes in 2 months of inactivity and it is "/gkick"
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